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Sekhem Reiki

  • Sekhem Reiki for people: £40 for 1 hour session

  • Sekhem Reiki for animals: £40 for 1 hour session

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Reiki is a holistic energy therapy, meaning that it treats the whole being, addressing problems at all levels whether they be physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual. The word Reiki pronounced Ray-Key translates as "Universal life energy".

All living things contain energy - its what makes them alive, if the energy that flows through each and every one of these cells becomes blocked or disrupted, then illness can occur.

Reiki works by restoring this energy flow and bringing it back into balance. 

Traditionally used on humans however Reiki can be used on animals, plants and anything that contains energy. it is slowly emerging as a popular therapy for animals, especially as its non-invasive and can be done at a distance if required.


Chakras are often spoken about when discussing Reiki. There are seven main Chakras in and around the body.

Chakras are often considered the points of reception and transmission of energies in the body; they bring energies into the body from the universal field.

During day to day life, during times of stress and illness these Chakras can becomes blocked which distorts the natural flow of energy through the body.


During a Treatment

1st march 2013 reiki on archie.jpg

Treatments take place in the comfort of your or your animals home.

If you are a human patient then Liz will bring with her a specialised Reiki couch designed to give you comfort and support during your treatment. 

The treatment will last around 45 minutes, you will be fully clothed on the treatment couch and Liz will gently place her hands on or over different areas of the body, from the crown of your head to the base of your feet.

The treatment can take place with conversation or without, whichever makes you feel most comfortable and there will be relaxing music playing in the background to help you unwind. Questions throughout the treatment are always welcome.

If you are an animal client then the treatment will take place wherever you will be most comfortable, whether that be in Liz's lap, on the sofa, in the field, stable, kennel or even at a distance.

The treatment will last around 45 minutes and will either be hands or or at a distance, depending on the animals comfort and wishes.

As Reiki can be done at a distance it does not matter if your animal is a bit of a fidget and wont stay still during the treatment - Reiki will still go to where it's needed most.

During a treatment something can occur called a 'healing reaction'. This is where the clients body can seem to produce new symptoms, or intensify on the original ones as it clears the problems away - it can sometimes appear as if the animals condition has worsened during, or as a result of the Reiki treatment, however this reaction is brief and temporary as the animals body detoxifies. 


Benefits of Reiki

Reduce stress & anxiety.

Assist recovery after illness, injury or trauma.


Relieve tension.

Improve sleep​.

Help ease behavioural issues.

Promote overall wellbeing.

+ more!

Important note:

Reiki despite all of its benefits and uses, is not a replacement for medical intervention. It should be used alongside the medical treatments prescribed by a qualified veterinarian and can help to promote and speed up recovery time, however is not a replacement. A good Reiki practitioner will happily work alongside your veterinarian and will check in with your vet, with your permission, before commencing treatment to ensure that your pets best interests and health comes first.


Payment is due on the day of booking and can be made via bank transfer.
If you live outside of the catchment area a 45p per mile charge will be added to your bill.

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