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How to help your pets cope better with firework displays

Sadly many of our pets can struggle with the sounds and sights of firework displays.
Fortunately there are many things that we can do about this, so that our pets can learn that fireworks are nothing to worry about.

We really can live in a world where both pets and firework displays can exist without fear.


Click on the pdf button to open and save a copy to your own device:

If your pet suffers with high anxiety around firework displays or other noises, including thunderstorms and guns, please do contact us to book in for an animal behavioural consult today.

You can also speak with your vet about both herbal and medication options to help your animal cope during an upcoming firework display or event.

Dog Walking Etiquette Poster


Unfortunately I am often told by clients that they have to deal with the trauma of other people allowing their dogs to run up to them whilst they are working on their dogs behaviour, training or rehabilitation. 

This is not often done intentionally by the other person but can undo the hard work and progress that has been made so far - Please help to spread awareness to help educate other dog owners on dog walking etiquette and prevent this from happening.

"Together everyone achieves more"

 Click on the pdf buttons to open and save a copy to your own device and please share with your family, friends and clients:

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