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Dog Training Classes

Please note that we do not currently have any classes running - please like and follow our Facebook page to stay up to date with classes and workshops.

Check out our Recommended Pet Professionals Page to find a trainer near you who is offering classes.

What will I learn?

As these classes are mixed ability, everyone of all levels, beginner to advanced is welcome.

The classes will follow a similar format each week but will cover different things from basic obedience to trick training and always with the aim of being fun for you and your dogs!

Each week will contain the following:

  • Warm up - getting your dogs ready to learn

  • Main - Liz teaching you 

  • Own time - time to work on your own specific goal with Liz coming around to help

  • Cool down - relaxing time for your dogs to calm down and unwind

  • Questions - Liz will always leave a few minutes at the end for any questions.

If you have something in particular that you would like to learn with your dog then please do let Liz know and she can incorporate it into the sessions.

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