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Animal Training

  • 1-2-1 sessions £45 per 1 hour session. 
    Sessions take place in your own home, book and pay as you go.

    **Book and pay for 4 sessions to receive a £10 discount!**

Training your animal can be a fantastic way to build a strong relationship, as well as educating them on how to behave in certain surrounding or situations, such as not going to the toilet indoors!

It can also be a fantastic way of keeping your animal safe and out of trouble. A good example of this is sitting while waiting to cross the road.

Training can be as simple as basic obedience commands or as complicated as sequences and trick training. The world is your oyster as they say!


Common things to train:




Target & touch

Loose lead walking




Trick training 

+ more!


labrador wearing a halti
Clicker training

Liz only uses reward based methods to train your animals and to even teach you to train your animals.

A common and regular training tool used is the clicker. This works through classical conditioning - it pairs the noise of the click to a treat. Click = treat. Which then allows you to effectively teach your companion all kinds of things.

If agreed by yourself, clicker training will normally be one of the first things you are taught in a 1-2-1 training session. It is really important that if you have not tried clicker training before that you seek the advice of a qualified trainer or behaviourist, such as Liz to ensure you are applying the method correctly. 

Multi-dog household

Multi-dog training is £55 per hour session.
Sessions can either be done with all dogs together, or split so that each dog has 121 time.


Liz & bumble gang.jpg

Payment is due on the day of booking and can be made via bank transfer.
If you live outside the catchment area an additional 45p per mile will be added to your bill.

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