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Liz Marden

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"Thank you for all your advice regarding Ella Beagle and her early morning barking. We are working on that and general retraining advice for dougie.. both being rescues" - Elaine Allen

"Friendly and welcoming service I would highly recommend" - Mel Maynard

"Fantastic, friendly service! Liz was very patient with my horse, Roger. He had a lovely relaxing time. I would definitely recommend!!!" - Toni Williams (Reiki Treatment)

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cassi chicken clicker.jpeg

"Highly recommended! We asked Liz to help us with giving our chickens some enrichment, and now they are clicker trained and loving it!" - Cassi Socratous 

"We're on week one of 1-2-1s at home and I can see an improvement already . Liz is so very calm and patient .. I'm totally amazed at what we achieved in ONE session !! I never thought it could happen so quickly . I would recommend 100% fact I'm so impressed I want to tell everyone !! If you ANY issues with your pets .. no matter what .. book Liz for a 1-2-1 .. she is Magic !! 😇💕" - Suzanne Askham 


"They were fantastic and so polite and helpful to assist in my training for my dog Bruno".

- Richard Osmond

"Liz is brilliant. Very helpful and patient. We all learned a lot. Thank you". - Natalie Penfold

"Highly recommend found them very approachable" - Lorraine Coppard

"Fantastic service! Liz is a great behaviourist who made us feel completely at ease with the training programme for our dog. Would highly recommend" - Caroline Marden 

Luna - caroline marden.jpg

Great Service, very helpful and really reliable, highly recommend"

- Chris Hewison

"What a lovely experience our training sessions have been. My 8month old Labrador retriever Ashe has adored working with Liz. The help and guidance has been invaluable with my very excited boy. It is plain to see Liz's love of animals when working on our training sessions. I look forward to some catch up sessions in the future. Thanks for all your help" - Sharon Cooke

Ashe - Sharon Cooke 2.jpg

"I attended both of the 7 week training courses with my German Shepherd Puppy ( 7 months). The courses were very informative and well organised and taught me loads that I could take away and practice at home. On the first session my dog wouldn't even sit down and barked at everyone, and we went from that to settling on the floor for 5 minutes onwards, relaxed yet attentive. Liz is an amazing trainer, and I also had a block of home visits where she came to my house to adapt the behaviours of my other two dogs, one that wont stop barking and one that wouldn't come back. She worked with me and taught me training techniques that I could use and practice. I now understand a lot more about dogs, and their behaviour and also how my own behaviour impacts upon theirs. Liz is extremely knowledgeable and exceptional at what she does. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Even if you don't think you have a particularly big problem, one home visit from Liz could make all the difference, and change the home environment for the better. I was recently able to take all three dogs to the beach, let them off the leads and they all came back and at one point were all sat at my feet awaiting a treat. I would never have been able to do that before I had training from Liz. Plus she has a very gentle nature, is down to earth and passionate about animals and what she does." - Suzanne Askham

"Attended Liz's puppy classes and found them very beneficial and enjoyable. My older dog also had a Reiki session, which he loved. Liz certainly knows her stuff and I would highly recommend her. Thanks Liz for your ongoing support and advice." - Paula Mansfield


"We’re off to a great start trying to calm my bonkers beardie Henry. It’s early days but after a brilliant start with lovely Liz I am confident that he will be eating out of the hand of male visitors in no time. Thank you"- Wendy Chiles

"Liz is fantastic with both animal and people - very friendly, professional and caring. Highly recommend!" - Hannah Chamberlain

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