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Animal Behaviour

  • 1-2-1 Initial Consult £160.00 for 90 minutes
    *Includes a full write up & behavioural modification plan*
                 *email & phone support*


  • On going support sessions £60.00 per 30-60 min session

Understanding your pets behaviour is a vital part of having a good relationship with your animal. Unfortunately sometimes people and animals need a little help with communication or situations that they find emotionally distressing. 

A behavioural consult can help to work on and improve many different issues that may come up in the home or in an animals life. These issues may be due to many different contributors such as past experiences, natural instincts, genetics and poor human-animal communication, just to name a few.

Luna the dog and a chicken

At Nature's Therapies Liz believes that no animal is intentionally 'bad' but rather misunderstood and is passionate about working with animal and owner to bring the relationship back into harmony. 

Common behavioural issues can include:

  • Separation anxiety

  • Dog - Dog aggression

  • Car chasing

  • Livestock chasing 

  • Reactivity

  • Hyperactivity

  • Fears & phobias

  • Destructive 

  • Guarding 

  • Stereotypical behaviours e.g. spinning

  • Self mutilation

  • Bar biting
    And more!.......

Spud dog
Beatrix the pig

What to expect

It starts with an initial consult which will last between 90 minutes.

This is where Liz gets to know you, your animal and the problems that you are experiencing.

It is also where a plan of action is created and treatment starts.

After this session you will be emailed a full behavioural treatment plan for your animal and also will receive email and phone support.

On-going support

After your initial consult, Liz will sit down with you and discuss how many on-going support sessions she thinks you will need in order to effectively work on your animals behaviour.

The On-going support sessions are 30-60 minutes in duration and the beauty of this service is that you can choose when and how you would like these sessions to run, enabling them to effectively fit in around yours and your pets lives and needs.

Liz Marden and a  Skunk


Payment is due on the day of booking and can be made via bank transfer.
If you live outside the catchment area an additional 45p per mile will be added to your bill.

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